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Al Dakhliyah


The Governorate of Al Dakhliyah borders the Governorate of Muscat to the north, , the Sharqiyah Governorate to the east, the Dhahirah and Batinah Governorates to the west and the Wusta Governorate to the south. The Governorate plays the role of being the land link to the interior Governorates of Oman with Muscat.

Known for centuries as a traditional area of Islamic learning, the area is historically rich. Nizwa and its ancient Round Fort, the Fort at Bahla designated as an UNESCO Heritage monument and the Castle of Jabrin are perhaps the Sultanates most renowned tourist trophies. Bahla, Oman’s pottery capital, is believed to have been one of the Governorates where the earliest human habitation has been recorded in the Sultanate. The Governorate also has a verdant mountainous terrain with the Jebel Akhdar range of mountains.

The main occupation of the people of the area is agriculture but keeping with its historical lineage, making of artifacts, Gold and silver working, making khanjars, blades, kohl jars and chains, copper working, making woven and wooden handicrafts and sweet making are common occupations. 

The total population of the Governorate is 326,21 (2010 Census) of which 88% are Omanis and the rest are expatriates. 


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