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Muscat Governorate

The Governorate of Muscat lies on the southern part of Al Batinah coast overlooking the Gulf Of Oman, bordered on its west by the Al Hajar Al Sharqi mountain ranges. The most populous area in the Sultanate with a density 24 times the national average, the governorate consists of six Wilayats: Muscat, Muttrah, Bowshar, A’Seeb, Al Amerat and Quriyat.

The capital of the Sultanate, Muscat is also the headquarters of the administrative apparatus of the state. It is a city that has played an important role as a commercial and political capital since the early ages of Islam.
The total population of the governorate is 631,031 with about 60% of the population being Omanis and the rest expatriates as per the census of 2003.
The principal occupation of the Wilayat of Muscat is fishing. The Wilayat of Bowshar is agriculture centric and in the other Wilayats, traditional occupations like cloth weaving, gold and silverwork, goat herding, woodcutting, the incense trade, marine crafts and carpentry are practised.

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