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1.  The Renter's acceptance of the vehicle at the date and time out shall be conclusive evidence that the Renter has first examined the vehicle and found it to be in good order and condition. The Renter is liable to return the vehicle in good order and condition to the rental station with all tyres, tools, car documents and equipments.

2.  Conditions for Driving :

  • Omani Nationals – Valid National ID Card & Valid Oman Driving License
  • Expatriates - Valid Labour Card & Valid Oman Driving License
  • Visitors - Valid Passport, Oman Visit Visa & Valid International/GCC/Other licenses acceptable to Royal Oman Police as per Oman Traffic Rules for Rent-A-Cars


3.  Comprehensive insurance covers all accidental damages to the vehicle except mechanical damages due to misuse and under chassis damages including tyre tubes, bulbs and electrical items.
Also insurance does not cover any loss or damage caused due to:

  • Accident or loss outside the Sultanate of Oman (Insurance for UAE can be provided at extra cost)
  • Use of vehicle for other than normal purposes
  • War or warlike operations including civil war
  • Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion
  • Detention, Seizure and Confiscation
  • When driver is under the influence of Alcohol, intoxicating liquor or drugs.


4.  Collision Damage Waiver does not include•:

  • Damage to or loss of Wing Mirror
  • Damage to Tyres and Rims
  • Damage to Windscreens.
  • Damage to or loss of Antenna
  • Damage to Roof of Car
  • Damage to Under Carriage of vehicle.


5.  In case of any accident and the fault is attributed to the Renter, the Renter is liable to pay insurance excess of RO 125.

6.  Any accident, while on road or while parked, has to be informed to the nearest ROP station immediately and a Police Report has to be obtained within 2 working days from the date of accident. Renter will be liable to pay the entire repair charges for the vehicle in case Police Report is not produced.

7.  Vehicle shall not be operated by any person under the influence of Alcohol or drugs. Vehicles shall not be operated by anyone other than the Renter.

8.  Renter hereby releases Mark from and against any liability for loss or damage to personal belongings /valuables left in the vehicle, any properly left stored or transported by Renter or any person in or upon the vehicle before or during the rental or after return of the vehicle to Mark.

9.  Mark while taking all precautions and using its best efforts to prevent such happening shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any fault or defect in or from mechanical failure of the vehicle or any consequential damages.

10.  The Renter will not load, store or transport in the vehicle any explosives, chemicals, gases, acids, corrosive or inflammable solids, liquids, any kind of meat or fish, fresh or dried, any kind of animals, dead or alive or any sort of materials which then or later could spoil any part of the vehicles, including upholstery and seats.

11.  Preventive maintenance, check-ups such as checking of Engine oil, Radiator water, Battery water, Brake and Clutch fluid, tyre pressure have to be carried out by the Renter at regular interval. Any break down or damage arising due to non-carrying out of such routine check-ups as above will be at Renter's cost and all the related charges will be payable by the Renter.

12.  Renter will not repair, service or alter the vehicles, interior or exterior, without prior consent of Mark.

13.  Except 4WD vehicles, the Renter will not use any of our vehicles on rough roads. Even 4WD vehicles will be used only on paths or roads already existing. No vehicles will be operated in a terrain where there are no roads or paths.

14.  In the event of an accident/damage, towing charges in excess of RO 100/- to be borne by the Renter.

15.  Vehicles should not be taken outside the territory of Sultanate of Oman without prior written approval from Mark.

16.  Renter will use only Super Gasoline in all our Petrol vehicles.

17.  Renter will not use any vehicle for any purpose (other than normal rentals) such as Rally tracking, Racing, Towing, Testing, Driving Tuition, Competition of any sort or any other hazardous or any other unusual purpose. Also Renter shall not sell, assign, sublet or hire or otherwise dispose off of the vehicle or any part of the vehicle or at1empt to do any of these things.

18.  Renter will be fully responsible to pay any ROP fine levied on him/her for any misconduct such as traffic rules violations, parking offenses, over speeding, drinking and driving etc. Any subsequent consequential damage or cost arising due to above reasons will also be borne by the Renter.  A service charge of RO 3/- will be applicable for each incident.

19.  Minimum rental period will be 24 hours.

20.  Minimum age of the renter should be 23 years.

21.  A Credit Card guarantee to be given by the renter at the time of taking delivery of the vehicle.


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